A friend or follower on social media appears to have lost their grip on reality. You may be tempted to set them straight, but silence may be the better part of wisdom. Unless you have loads of time to spend shouting at a brick wall, that is. You are not going to change what they believe.

If you are still single, it is another good day to possibly meet a potential partner in the company of your friends, but do keep in mind that not everyone you meet right now is totally on your wavelength. Someone you meet has some interesting romantic tastes.

Someone you have not heard from in a while may call or drop by unexpected. There may be good news from or about family that has brought them back into your life. Someone may be traveling soon.

You may be planning for an upcoming trip or vacation when it suddenly dawns on you that you need to stay connected. Shop carefully for new cell phones or computers, and check the fine print. Not everything may be disclosed up front.

A dramatic change in your attitude or appearance could have a negative impact on family relationships right now. You may not have done anything as drastic as a nose ring or a facial tattoo, but you could risk making a bad impression on someone whose help you will need in the future.

The space aliens are still at it. Your loved ones and neighbours are acting so oddly you may sincerely wonder what planet they came from. Relax and enjoy the show. It's not often one gets free space theatre in their own back yard - and you'll want a distraction from your moody "significant other".

An inner riot is getting deafening. If you are at all tempted to think that "it" - whatever may frustrate you right now - is coming from outside or is someone else's fault, think again. You do create your reality sometimes, often because you need to learn something.

Your skills and abilities as a communicator are sharper than ever right now. You may have an opportunity to be published, to appear on television or see your words in print. If you are a creative person, this is an excellent day to work on your public relations efforts.

It will be an unusual day with many surprises, especially where it comes to friends, companions and neighbors. You may have an opportunity to make a huge impact on your neighborhood or community with the help of those you are closest to.

There is a wonderful opportunity for you to radically transform your relationship, or your attitude towards relationships right now. You may find that you are becoming more serious about the future, and your role as a partner in the next while.

If you want to make a good impression on a visiting dignitary, be polite, but stand your ground. You may be tested by someone who has the power to boost your career or social standing. You may be asked to take on more work than is practical given the tools at hand.

A recent gift or a gift of money will brighten up your home. You will be hearing good news about a loved one or relative whose musical or creative talents are just now starting to blossom. You may be invited to a concert or entertainment event involving music.