// Topical

Prepare to abandon outdated ways of thinking or conveying yourself. A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th could have far-reaching effects regarding your attitudes, beliefs, philosophies, and preferred ways to communicate. It could mark the start of a new communications-related pursuit or something connected with learning or training, too. But a backward-moving Mercury creates delays and possibly misunderstandings with this until the 22nd, so be careful – and patient!

A New Moon Solar Eclipse targets your values and valuables, including your income. You could discover more than one revenue stream exists but may have to accept that you won't be able to put one in place immediately. During most of June, you have a chance to assess what's secure and stable in your world and plans to bring more of both where necessary. It might be around the middle of June when something connected with your career or life direction becomes clearer, too.

Have you ever been in a queue where a security person lets some people past and stops others briefly? Coming weeks could feel like that for you. With Mercury moving backward in Gemini until the 22nd, you're likely to reflect on where you're heading and changes that may be overdue. There could be a strong stop/start feel to what you're keen to get underway. But a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 10th removes a barrier and provides a 'green light' you've waited for!

From June 11, Mars affects income and possessions. Although it could inject a surge of proactivity not only to explore a new income stream but to identify one and make it happen, it could also encourage excessive spending. Fortunately, Venus accompanies Mars on the 27th. Mars pushes you to enhance your income - and Venus wants you to consider using a creative talent or skill to do so. The only likely barrier to this happening is self-doubt.

There may be a noticeably stronger focus on friendships and being more active socially this month. But both areas could be prone to indecisiveness and misunderstandings as well. A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th targets your closest alliances and involvement with groups, if any. A fresh start is on offer with both, and possibly a particular friend, so let bygones be bygones wherever necessary. Knowing who your true friends are could be comforting and revealing, too.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th urges you to think bigger and up the ante with your career. A far-reaching fresh start is on offer but may not be as immediate as you wish it were. But don't worry, an opportunity is unlikely to slip through your fingers. Don't convince yourself that you've missed the boat; even if it is toward the end of June that momentum picks up. You have plenty of time to prepare for a change coming your way - and can be assured one will do so.

Coming weeks offer chances to resolve outstanding issues in your world, likely connected to your love life and emotional foundations. You could find your focus on creating and enhancing stability in your world intensifies noticeably, too. But resolutions and closure are possible and likely to be found as June draws to a close. You're bound to appreciate and welcome fantastic opportunities to connect with friends and embrace the social scene, somehow, in some way, from the 27th.

There could be a strong focus on money disconnected from earnings. Whether you're a skilled and experienced investor or keen to explore ways to make your cash 'work' better for you, you could come up with an ideal solution by the end of the month. If you've found that your efforts haven't reflected results career-wise recently, then that's about to change from the 11th. Prepare to feel more motivated professionally - and to impress yourself and others with what you achieve.

Mars activates and increases a desire to explore much that's mind-broadening and adventurous from the 11th. Spiritual and intellectual growth could receive special focus during the coming weeks. It's also possible that goals you set yourself will be more ambitious - or adrenaline-inducing! On the 27th, Venus becomes involved, adding a layer of comfort to whatever you pursue. This could turn a learning experience of some kind into something you grow to love!

A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th could create a work-related decision or dilemma and bring a powerful fresh start to what you do daily. A diet or fitness regime started at this time could yield impressive results, too. You then have a Full Moon in your sign on the 24th that's unlikely to go unnoticed. It's the Sun affecting relationships and commitments that could play a big part in emotions running high. There may be no more' beating around the bush' with someone, either.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th affects creativity and self-expression. News related to a baby or child could arrive. Try to draw deeply from a creative talent or skill that has lain dormant or deserves to be taken to a new level, too. Mars influences partnerships and commitments from the 11th until the end of July. This could be libido-enhancing and satisfying on one level but confrontational or aggressive on another. You may need to make a concerted effort to harness this intensely passionate energy positively and pleasurably!

A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th targets your emotional foundations. This could mean a fresh start either way with a love connection. It could also mark the beginning of a far-reaching change within your home or family. In both cases, there may be more than one option to choose from, too. But a backward-moving Mercury until the 22nd could cause delays and indecisiveness. So, take your time, assess your options and give information - and clarity - a chance to arrive. By the end of the month, much should be clearer.

// Love

You'd have to be determined to resist or avoid passionate encounters to not experience them this month! Your ruling planet Mars influences true love, romance, and deep heartfelt expression from the 11th until the end of July. A wave of passionate energy can help one special connection to form or flourish. Things get even better when Venus affects the same areas on the 27th. Your love life could be sweet and tender this month - but not without its share of red-hot lust, too!

Your ruling planet Venus can help any message of love to be extra sweet and tender. Your head might swirl with romantic thoughts, and you could express these with the eloquence of a poet. But other planetary activity suggests that your personal world could become far from personal. If you've been keeping something under wraps or away from prying eyes or ears, your secret could become common knowledge as June draws to a close.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 10th offers a fresh start in any area of your world. If passionate progress is on your agenda, seize your chance to embrace a new era with matters of the heart. You also benefit from a blend of tender Venus energy and determined, passionate Mars energy to help you express thoughts, feelings, and desires. Forming or strengthening an intellectual bond with a lover or potential sweetheart is possible. So too is talking until sunrise!

It may not be until June draws to a close that matters related to love and relationships receive special focus. The coming weeks are bound to bring fresh starts, but you may need to make a confident decision about where you want closure. A Full Moon affecting partnerships and commitments on the 24th marks the beginning or end of one relationship. But it could also highlight helpfully what - or who - you've been clinging to habitually or unrealistically.

With mighty, passionate Mars entering your sign on the 11th, you and your libido could feel revived and rejuvenated. You could also emit one heck of a sexy can-do, confident vibe that a lover or potential paramour is bound to find alluring. Venus arrives in your sign on the 27th, bringing warmth and tenderness to blend with lustful Mars energy - and possibly calm it down now and again when necessary!

Sexy activity and energy to make passionate progress are 'behind the scenes' this month. That doesn't mean your love life will be as exciting as watching paint dry, or you'll have the sex life of a tree. A Full Moon affecting true love and romance on the 24th marks the start of a new chapter with matters of the heart, one way or another. You might also enjoy pondering passionate possibilities in private or ensuring your love life is your business, and nobody else's for a change.

The emphasis in your love life this month could involve balancing what's traditional and predictable with a desire to break new romantic or passionate ground. You don't have to release anything or anyone you're determined to keep. But neither should you resist exploring and embracing what's untried or unconventional, love and intimacy-wise. Be willing to dip your toe in fresh water, push a passionate boundary or bend a rule to see what happens!

Romantic or relationship predictability could be replaced with something more erratic or volatile, especially around mid-month. An abundance of passionate energy can be harnessed positively or unhelpfully. Whether it's you who pushes the buttons of a loved one or the other way around, potentially powerful emotional vibes can be steered into calm and pleasurable waters rather than adding fuel to confrontation or aggressiveness.

A powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse targets relationships and commitments on the 10th, bringing a fresh start or clean slate to your involvement with others - or someone in particular. Although the Eclipse could bring a matter into the open to be seen clearly, backward-moving Mercury could create confusion and complications until the 22nd. But events this month promise greater depths of understanding and clarity that mark the start of a new era, relationship and commitment-wise.

Much could tick along predictably in your emotional world until the 24th. A Full Moon in your sign could heighten emotions and bring the source of building tension to a head. The Moon could be a brief source of discomfort if it pushes you to spill your emotional beans and reveal what's really on your mind or in your heart to someone. But you're likely to see how release turns to relief, and your confidence is boosted as a result of making yourself vulnerable – finally!

A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th brings a wave of change to love, romance, and intimacy. But a backward moving Mercury creates mischief with misunderstandings and communication mishaps until the 22nd. Fortunately, the love gods are on your side as passionate Mars affects relationships from the 11th. Venus then joins Mars on the 27th, helping to create a better balance between your boosted libido and love's more sensual, tender qualities!

Until the 27th, Venus blesses all that's related to true love, romance, and intimacy. After the 27th, Venus affects routines, well-being, and work. If you're single, this bodes well for finding love on your way to work, somewhere health-related, or an office romance blossoming. If you're attached, let your imagination add fantastic fuel to helping your romantic qualities to emerge. You could be reminded of how there's nothing soppy about writing that love letter, song, or poem!