// Love

Your love life improves, and you're able to show others how capable of affection you are, as well as an attractiveness that they find difficult to resist. If single, your calm and composed approach impresses the people you meet, and they welcome and encourage the confident way you flirt outrageously with them.

How you behave towards your partner reveals what you consider to be most important about your relationship with them. You continually show why you love them, but you all too easily fall into the trap of becoming far too content. Instead, you're able to do something special and spring a surprise for your loved one.

If you're tense and restless, spending some time alone is appreciated by your partner. You can surprise them with your new-found ability to behave in a more relaxed way. This may be a forerunner of a new approach to your relationship resulting in time spent together being more affectionate.

Take every opportunity to enjoy relaxing with your lover. Spend time together, be romantic and express your feelings. If you can celebrate your relationship a little, perhaps indulge in a romantic meal, followed by lots of tenderness and love. If you are single there is no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself, why not?

You're popular, and others find you appealing, it's difficult to resist flirting with anyone you meet, but unlikely to result in anything too serious or long term. If you're already in a relationship and aware of how appealing you appear to others, exercise some caution: You may find it difficult to resist the temptation.

Your charm and wit make you very attractive to others, one thing leads to another, but this only happens if your partner takes the initiative. You’re simply too passive to get something going. If you live with someone and are in a relationship, your lover finds your indecision irritating, causing needless upsets.

Your lover wants to spend more time with you, your relationship improves, and you find it immensely rewarding. If single, expect to enjoy yourself, you may become completely captivated by a new and exhilarating partner, especially if you get deeply involved, you discover how enriched you are by the experience.

Your ability to deal with others helps you socially. Even if normally you find it difficult, it’s easier to make new friends. With conviction, you instinctively know how to put across your point of view, impressing others with your composure and eloquence, and only pursuing these friendships if you want them to develop.

Because of your unreliability, you may inadvertently upset some good friends with this type of conduct, and your relationship is also likely to suffer. If single, attempting to attract others and any overly spontaneous actions may have negative consequences as meeting others is likely to be problematic.

You find your romantic life extremely rewarding, your lover affectionately responds to the tender way you treat them. If single and looking for a partner, you find it easy to approach someone new and get a warm reaction from them, don’t take advantage of your obvious appeal, it may lead to more than you expect.

Use your genuine desire for compromise to improve your relationship. Fears, unexpressed wishes, everything that puts a strain on a relationship need to be addressed and resolved. When you make it a priorit,y to listen and take notice of the needs of your partner, in a good-natured way a lot changes for the better.

Missed romantic opportunities occur when we judge by appearances alone. Even before we get to know someone, we quickly decide about them. If you make a fresh appraisal that's less superficial, you're less likely to miss out on an important relationship just because you don’t like how somebody dresses.

// Health

If things don't unfold exactly how you want them to regarding certain sports activities, it doesn't mean you simply ignore your exercise regime altogether. Instead, you take more time for your health, you select the right routine or take an occasional brisk walk, and can establish the basis of a balanced lifestyle.

Don't allow yourself to become too stressed, your health benefits when you develop a balance between being active and taking intermittent rest periods. If you include someone else, you'll find it's easier for the two of you to inspire and look out for each other. From the outset, together you're able to be productive.

If you feel a run down, don’t even consider recreational activity or exercise. Leave it for another time and refrain from any hurried activity. Having a healthy attitude towards life is about combining your desire to achieve the best results with enjoyment and pleasure. Reflecting on this is probably enough.

If you can venture out into the countryside and reap the benefits of time spent in the fresh air, you'll find it's extremely beneficial. Maybe a trip to the woods or beach, take your partner or if not take some time to contact valued friends. It’s these little things that help to relax your mind and benefit your body too.

If you have an overwhelming desire for unhealthy foods, that aren't good for you. Stay strong, summon your will-power and instead take a strenuous bike ride or some invigorating exercise, rather than consuming all that fatty meat and layers of cake, then you avoid excessive weight gain or feeling bloated.

If you're struggling to find the reason for your present apathy and inability to deal with whatever it is you must face, take a short break alone, and reflect on the issues before you. Enjoy the silence, relax and free your mind from all the goings-on. It's possible you'll conclude that you take things too seriously.

Take advantage of the surge of energy you feel. There's dynamism available for you to carry out a more ambitious exercise program with a higher degree of effort than you’ve ever been able to attempt before. You discover you’ve not exploited your body's full potential and found out exactly how capable you are.

You’re pleased and content with yourself. You don't feel the need to worry or be concerned about anything. Harnessing this feeling enables you to introduce some positive thinking into your life, and free yourself from problems or self-doubt. You'll enjoy having a positive outlook, and seeing what fortune has in store.

If your mind is racing, managing to get a grip on yourself is important before this feeling becomes a permanent mindset. Maybe you're suffering from a build-up of stress or a problem that's difficult to resolve. It might only be because of over-tiredness. Whatever it is, if you know the cause, you're able to counter it.

Self-control and calmness are important factors which prevent you from losing your composure. With your current high energy level, don’t push yourself too much, take regular rest breaks. When you're economical with your energy, using it wisely, you have no problems dealing with or standing up to future difficulties.

Rid yourself of any needless obstacles to the improvement of your health and fitness, not only mentally but physically as well. Give up your entrenched ideas and everyday habits. Fasting for a time can be an interesting experience. You see things more clearly afterward and maybe abandon any bad habits forever.

If you’re missing out on healthy living, you must make up for what your body has missed. It’s no use complaining about your appearance, wanting an ideal physique, nobody is perfect anyway. Instead be active, address unhealthy eating habits; and try to include plenty of exercise in your routine.

// Work

You're feeling confident and assured, your colleagues admire and respect your abilities and are keen to seek your advice on important concerns they might have. The relaxed atmosphere you create helps you tackle things coolly and calmly and find suitable solutions to anything required of you, as if by magic.

With minor events, you don't have to be too concerned. Your colleagues take a similar view and consider unimportant matters merely a distraction from more pressing tasks. You focus on cooperation and creating a relaxed atmosphere within your team, which produces a more hassle-free but dynamic outcome.

It’s important you pay attention to details and minimize mistakes. Wherever possible avoid contact with your colleagues and concentrate on what you must do and don't get involved in other people’s disagreements. You can’t always be in a good mood, far better keep your head down, and not seem to be too dismissive.

Even if you feel constrained, you still undertake any challenging task efficiently. Your colleagues are impressed with your structured, straight-forward approach as well as by the way you competently take control of tasks, using a well thought out strategy you're able to explain everything to everybody who needs to know.

If you're focused on making progress with certain projects and somebody asks for help, you’re truthful about your priorities and decline. This isn't because you're particularly ambitious, it’s just you don't feel overly concerned or too bothered about your colleagues, you prefer to work alone, finding it difficult to cooperate with them right now.

Your creative strengths and ideas are remarkable, but no good if you don't make them happen. You lack the energy and determination necessary and too easily get distracted. If you wait for a more advantageous time to develop your ideas, you're able to team up with colleagues and implement your ideas.

Your enthusiasm and good-natured attitude help you make progress with tasks requiring your attention. Your expert approach demonstrates an understanding of the most difficult problems confronting you. You're able to show authority in overcoming any of these difficulties; work colleagues admire your thoroughness.

Work provides you with a sense of achievement, especially if you're involved in communicating your ideas. You're able to take full advantage of situations that arise and exploit them in the most advantageous way. Guiding a group or team competently you negotiate reliably with others, and get the best possible deal.

Be mindful of a propensity towards unreliability. You easily forget about agreements, break promises, turn up late for appointments or even fail to appear. You need to implement some discipline to the way you approach work, develop a plan and stick to it, otherwise, problems result. If all else fails, take the day off.

You feel confident, putting forward detailed proposals together with a request for funding of your suggestions which are met with a positive response. You conduct yourself in a composed business-like manner that impresses others, especially those who may have a beneficial influence on your career prospects.

You’ve important negotiations with colleagues ahead. Your arguments are forceful and insightful; even the toughest opponents eventually come around to your way of thinking. You manage to establish a win-win situation, and when all parties pool their resources the outcome that's reached turns out to be a real success

If you have an interview, then this is about the only activity you might consider is enhanced by your preoccupation with your appearance, but this combined with your heightened aesthetic sensibility doesn't improve your approach to problems much. Avoiding even everyday jobs, you find it difficult to evaluate tasks.