// Topical

This month is about gathering information, processing, and releasing it. How much you want others to know - or what you believe they're entitled to - is up to you. If releasing information on a need-to-know basis suits you, stick with that. Communication-wise, your words will carry heavier clout, that's for sure. You'll leave others in no doubt about how you say what you mean and mean what you say. But try not to part anyone's hair with something said impulsively or hurtfully.

There's bound to be an emphasis on your values and valuables this month. With Mars influencing your earnings and what you own, your desire to boost your income could be enhanced strongly. Whether this involves asking for a pay rise or putting in overtime, your bank balance will reflect your efforts. But the 'values' part mentioned earlier applies as well. If your income doesn't reflect your efforts, then you might find an employer that will pay you what you're worth.

Passionate planet Mars arrives in your sign and will work Martian magic until April 23. You're about to become a force to be reckoned with, and the word 'complacency' won't be in your vocabulary! Your newfound drive can be applied to bring career-related changes, too. This is reinforced by a New Moon on March 13, offering a fresh start or clean slate professionally. Ambitiousness can be summoned and applied in ways you may not have done for some time!

You may have grown used to putting in the hours or going above the call of duty with effort in at least one area. Fortunately, Mars urges you to take a rest and recharge in whatever ways are necessary. Self-care is no longer something you apply when you get the time to do so. It's about to become essential. But even while you're kicking back and resting, a delightful development on the career front as March draws to a close could have you punching the air with delight.

Although you might not be able to be sociable or network in ways you wish you could, nothing stops you from getting your face and name out there via other means. An urge to reconnect with old pals could intensify during March. But networking on a professional level could also become a priority and prove helpful. If you've invested much effort to increase security and stability in your world, then what transpires around the 13th could help you to breathe one huge sigh of relief.

If, during recent weeks, you've pondered career-related possibilities, then you're about to transform thoughts into action. Mars intends to assist you to 'turn up the gas' significantly to make professional progress. It's as if the universe waits for instruction from you regarding a career-related change. As March draws to a close, a financial review might feel unwelcome. But you'll likely be grateful for the new perspective you gain or the way forward you identify from doing so.

If you've had enough of being confined within the same four walls, your mind could focus on mind-broadening opportunities on offer. With Mars influencing big ideas, faraway places, and all that's mind-broadening, you could explore or pursue plans to study, learn or travel. A similar level of determination could be applied on the work front, too. Whether you push for an internal change or seek employment elsewhere, a New Moon on the 13th provides a fresh start.

Mars can help you be more expressive where making yourself vulnerable to somebody is concerned. That's something to welcome, not resent. But the passion planet can also pose problems with money flowing through your fingers like sand. It may also be money that isn't connected with your earnings that needs a review. Fortunately, Venus influences all things work-related. The planet of comfort could come to the rescue to help boost your earnings, if needed.

From March 3, passion-planet Mars influences your relationships, partnerships, and commitments. These can be both love and business-related, too. You have powerful energy that can turn sparks into infernos. So, ensure this is harnessed positively and pleasurably rather than confrontationally. A New Moon on the 13th brings a fresh start or clean slate related to your home, family, or domestic setup. A pleasant development or distraction appears to be in store!

Mighty Mars brings an influx of energy to your work and daily routines. If keeping on top of workloads posed problems recently, you'll be able to summon the determination to clear the decks with ease. If a diet or health regime has been all-talk-and-no-action, then it could commence with gusto this month, too. As March draws to a close, emphasis shifts to home, family, and your career. Domestically and professionally, new chapters commence - and in ways that are bound to be a relief.

March ticks along until the 13th, when a New Moon brings a fresh start or new beginning to your earnings. You also have Venus and Neptune collaborating to enhance your income in ways that might require you to draw upon a creative talent or skill. Even reviving ideas tried and untried in the past is 'creative'! You're right to believe that sticking with what's familiar will bring the same results where your bank balance is concerned. It's time to get cleverer!

Mars brings intense energy to your home, family, or those with whom you share your abode. So, it might be best to remain on the sidelines rather than get involved with tense, domestic developments. But if you harness Mars' influence to help with a home-related plan, it could bring impressive results. A New Moon in your sign on the 13th brings a fresh start to any area of your world where you want one - so choose wisely. With both Venus and Neptune working together, you could find ideal ways to focus your altruistic, charitable or compassionate qualities, too.

// Love

With passionate Mars influencing how you think and communicate, there could be no more beating around the bush when it comes to saying what you want - and when you want it! But matters of the heart take on a sweeter and sensual vibe from the 21st once Venus enters your sign. Whether you're single or attached, your powers of attraction are enhanced. See what the harmonious and sensual Full Moon on the 28th does for one connection, too!

Someone could make your heart beat faster, especially around the New Moon on the 13th. The universe is about to 'sweeten the deal' between you and someone special. But it's a shame that much of your love life might be kept under wraps or private. From the 21st, Venus influences secrets, all that's mysterious and detachment. Your love life is about to become 'your business,' or others will be put in the picture on a need-to-know basis. Next month? A very different story!

With passionate and libido-enhancing Mars in your sign from the 3rd, your sexy mojo is back with a vengeance! But remember that what you might consider to be 'meh' romantically or intimately, a lover or potential sweetheart might struggle to keep up. It's likely to be the Full Moon on the 28th that shines a reassuring spotlight on one special connection. This lunar event not only highlights all things related to true love but, for some Geminis, it signifies the pitter-patter of tiny feet!

With much focus on taking career-related steps this month, you might struggle to fit matters of the heart into your busy schedule. But do your best to ensure love and physical closeness in any form don't get pushed aside. It could be the Full Moon on the 28th that affects your emotional foundations and possibly shifts your focus to love or relationship matters. It's also possible that your or a lover's family will need you in some way, too.

As March progresses, something escalates between you and someone special. This could take the form of a conversation you know needs to be had, whether you're single or spoken-for. Distractions in other areas of your world could delay this discussion or exchange until the Full Moon on the 28th. But somehow, in some way, it's decision time. The more time you set aside to have a meaningful conversation with your paramour, the more pleasing the outcome can be.

A delightful sense of anticipation could permeate your emotional world this month, especially due to a New Moon on the 13th. This brings a pleasant fresh start to one connection, and having both Venus and Neptune involved simultaneously makes whatever occurs even more magical. Engagement? Marriage? Both are strong possibilities. But, at long last, you could also feel that you're getting what you want and need from a love connection.

It may not be until the 21st, when love planet Venus influences partnerships and commitments, that you feel the vibe change in your emotional world. Venus can be an excellent mediator, helping to smooth over any differences in a budding or an existing connection. But if you are already partnered-up, then a new level of closeness can make anything that has felt tense feel so much more manageable.

If you're single, you have a New Moon working in glorious tandem with Venus and Neptune on the 13th. This heralds a fresh start with a special person. To say there will be a deep emotional and spiritual connection is an understatement, too. If you're spoken-for, then you and a lover could find ways to bring more fun, relaxation, and pleasure to your connection. But some Scorpions may have already excelled at doing this - baby news could be a distinct possibility.

From the 21st, Venus influences all things related to true love and deep, heartfelt expression. Communicating what's on your mind or in your heart with the eloquence of a poet could be much easier. But whether you're single or spoken-for, on the 26th, the Sun and Venus draw your attention to love and physical closeness in new ways. Open your mind to new passionate possibilities, and be prepared to go where your heart may not have ventured previously!

You might struggle not to have your heart touched deeply by someone special this month! One date for your diary is March 13, when a New Moon works in glorious tandem with Venus and Neptune. All three affect communication magically. It could be you who opens your heart in ways that might make a romance novelist jealous. Or you could be the recipient of words, spoken or written, that make your heart beat faster - or bring a tear of happiness to your eye!

For the first time in two years, you have passionate and libido-enhancing Mars affecting true love and all things romantic from the 3rd. Until April 23, thinking about what you'd like to experience romantically or intimately will be replaced with decisive action. Whether you're single or spoken for, when it comes to stating what you want and need in the name of love, the object of your affections will know that you say what you mean and mean what you say!

Having a New Moon in your sign is wonderful in itself. But Venus and Neptune accompany this month's lunar event on the 13th, adding real magic to matters of the heart. Whether you're single or attached, love can form or flourish by allowing your selfless qualities to emerge. You would probably help others without any agenda at any time. But it's by showing kindness, compassion, or being charitable that could have a surprise knock-on effect to your love life this month.