// Topical

If home-related or domestic plans have been in the pipeline or something you've been contemplating recently, then the New Moon on the 9th could bring the green light you want or need. A fresh start or new beginning of some kind is an offer related to your home, who you share it with, or possibly a relative. So, whatever moves forward with your abode or clan, you can be certain it will be welcome - or even have you punching the air with joy.

If, recently, you've weighed up the pros and cons of speaking your mind or making a point, then the New Moon on the 9th could open or widen communication lines wonderfully. You're able to bring the right level of emotion and passion to what you say or convey, too. You could also have something to announce on or around the 23rd, as a Full Moon influences your career. Things get even better with Jupiter returning to boost your professional feel-good factor until December!

A New Moon on the 9th brings what is likely to be a much-welcome fresh start or clean slate financially. But you could take this a step further by exploring or making better use of a talent or skill to boost your income. If studying or training could help with this, then a Full Moon on the 23rd brings superb focus to anything mind-broadening. Don't rule out the possibility of learning or training boosting your income or bank balance as well.

The pressure you've likely experienced during recent weeks is unlikely to let up. There is a strong message from the universe about not counting proverbial chickens until they've hatched, as the old saying goes, especially where money is concerned, too. But the highlight of July for you involves a New Moon in your sign on the 9th. So, give thought to where you want a clean slate or fresh start because you're singled out for something special!

You're likely to deal with exceptional and potentially intense developments this month, most of which could focus on love and money. Fortunately, once Venus starts working some magic with your earnings from the 21st to mid-August, you should have a reason to feel more reassured financially. Then, from the 29th, mighty Mars gets in on the action to help you become inspired and motivated to earn more - or perhaps get paid what you deserve!

Events this month could remind you that friendships come and go, and a New Moon on the 9th will affect social connections and your attitude toward them. The real trumpet-blowing news involves Venus entering Virgo on the 21st, followed by Mars on the 29th. Emotionally, financially and creatively, you'll receive one heck of a cosmic boost. But the Full Moon on the 23rd highlights a connection between work and health. A realistic or sensible balance may need to be found.

Something related to your career that has been subjected to guesswork could reveal itself to be more tangible or successful than you thought. A New Moon on the 9th marks a fresh start for you professionally. The ladder of success could turn into an elevator! You also have a Full Moon illuminating heartfelt expression and creativity on the 23rd. Whether it's something you create or a reason to feel proud of a child, the month could end on a very pleasing or sweet note!

A New Moon on the 9th provides a proverbial green light to pursuing something mind-broadening. Studying, training, or retraining could be possibilities. But it could be your home or family setup that receives focus in late July. A Full Moon on the 23rd closes one chapter related to your home and family. But with Jupiter returning to affect both on the 28th, you could be aware of how something domestic gets bigger or sends your optimism off the scale!

A New Moon on the 9th brings a fresh start to 'deep sharing.' If you've experienced a drought intimately, then your libido could be satisfied! But joint finances and investments are also affected. It may be someone else's money that benefits you this month. You also have Venus and Mars working magic with your career. Professional ambitiousness could be boosted noticeably, and you'll likely see a connection between more effort on the work front bringing more money.

With the New Moon on the 9th affecting partnerships and commitments, the first half of July could involve you forming or strengthening a special alliance or bond. But things could turn from sweet to dramatic as a Full Moon targets your earnings on the 23rd. Yes, this could bring an ending to one source of income. But lucky and optimistic Jupiter affects your cash flow again from the end of July to the end of December. So, as one financial door closes, another looks set to open.

The first half of July could involve considering your work and bringing a necessary change. A New Moon on the 9th affects daily routines and also offers a fresh start with something health-related. If there has been an issue you've ignored or delayed taking action with, this is the time to do it. You then have a Full Moon in your sign on the 23rd. A new chapter commences, and if things get a bit emotional, then that may be necessary to push you in a particular direction.

A wave of warmth helps give delightful focus to matters of the heart and close partnerships, or one in particular. If you've lost that lovin' feeling, you can be certain it's about to return! But partnerships, whether love or business-related, will also feel more manageable and balanced. You then have a Full Moon affecting detachment, all things spiritual and mysterious, as well as healing. The more you open your mind to something ethereal or otherworldly, the more you'll benefit.

// Love

Matters of the heart could receive significant focus during the first three weeks of July. Whether you're single or attached, your love life could involve plenty of thrills, chills, twists, and drama. You have love-planet Venus working closely in tandem with red hot, libido-enhancing Mars. Until the 21st, love and intimacy can go from comfortable to off the scale. You're in control of your passionate destiny this month – and that might mean there's an important decision to make.

The first few weeks of July could involve getting your romantic or relationship' ducks in a row'. You have a chance to clear the air and reveal what's on your mind or in your heart in ways you may have made a concerted effort to suppress recently. But with Venus working some tangible magic from the 21st followed by Mars on the 29th, passionate progress awaits. All you need to do is decide if you want it or if you prefer to play it safe and resist it. A no-brainer? Absolutely!

Matters of the heart take on a more cerebral or intellectual vibe this month. Hey, you know how sexy a meeting of minds can be! If you're single, you could discover, to your delight, that love lives nearby. There's a clear link between your immediate surroundings and a love connection waiting for the spark needed to bring it to life. Attached? Just when you thought you knew your partner, a conversation around mid-July could be enlightening.

This could be a delightful month of passionate progress, and it starts with a New Moon in your sign on the 9th. You have a fresh start or new beginning where you want one - and your love life could benefit from this. But it could be the Full Moon on the 23rd that marks the start of a new intimacy chapter. Whether you're single or attached, you could have your eyes widened and heart gladdened by what moves up a gear or two between you and someone who clearly turns you on!

There's a strong and far-reaching focus on matters of the heart this month. During the first week of July, you could assess what boxes are ticked with love and intimacy and those that aren't. But you're becoming clear about what you want and don't want in a loving or intimate connection. Passionate epiphanies and revelations await regarding whether something moves to a new level with the object of your affections - or you decide your heart's needs can be satisfied elsewhere.

A New Moon on the 9th could benefit single Virgos more than attached Virgins. It marks the start of a new beginning with one friendship, and things could go from platonic to passionate. But with Venus entering your sign on the 21st, your powers of attraction are enhanced big-time! Then, with Mars getting in on the action from the 29th, your sensual and charismatic vibe could be difficult for anyone to resist. Love and intimacy are about to go from lukewarm to red hot!

It may not be until the end of July that matters of the heart receive special focus and attention. A Full Moon on the 23rd targets true love, deep heartfelt expression, and all things romantic. A new chapter commences, but things get even better when Jupiter influences the same areas from the 28th until the end of this year. Whether you're single or attached, you look set to discover what is meant by 'lucky in love.'

Even if you can't get out and about or be sociable in ways you wish you could, there is a strong connection between social interaction and passionate progress. Single Scorpions could discover what's on the mind or in the heart of someone seen as a friend. If you're attached, you have fantastic planetary support affecting your hopes, dreams, and wishes. A shared, cherished goal could get off the ground, or perhaps you and the one you love will have something to celebrate.

It might be pleasing progress made outside your emotional sphere that lifts your spirits or puts a sexy spring in your step. It may also be your career that receives the lion's share of focus during the coming weeks. That leaves you with a cosmic mission to ensure matters of the heart don't get squeezed in when convenient. Maybe, success will boost your powers of attraction. But whether you're single or attached, allow your emotional world to be the haven you need.

A New Moon affecting partnerships and commitments on the 9th offers a fresh start or significant shift in a love connection. This lunar event is associated with exclusivity, engagements, or marriage. If you're attached, you benefit from deciding to do something differently or venture into unfamiliar romantic or passionate territory. But whether you're solo or spoken for, after this month, one relationship may never be the same again - for the sweetest of reasons!

Matters of the heart could feel tense or uncertain during the first week of July. But this could be due to you experiencing a clash between old and new. If you're attached, a lover could cling strongly to the past while you want to experience new passionate territory. But middle ground can be found. On the 23rd, a Full Moon in your sign heightens emotions and could be the catalyst for a necessary release. So, if suppressed thoughts or feelings want to emerge, let them!

A New Moon on the 9th brings a fresh start with romance, heartfelt expression, and all things loved-up. Your nurturing and compassionate qualities could be enhanced strongly, and a lover or potential sweetheart will likely enjoy attention and affection coming their way. But be aware of how too much of both can be smothering. On the 21st, Venus works magic with matters of the heart. Venus is joined by Mars on the 29th, bringing passion that can turn something sweet and tender into something red hot, regardless of your relationship status!